About Steven Pinto

I've always been curious...

About people, about the human mind, about how success and fulfillment work (I’ll give you a hint: it’s not work till you drop and hope for a break one day.)

Curiosity drove me to study philosophy as an undergrad. It didn’t give me the answers I was looking for because what I really wanted to know about was people. What makes the difference between people who get what they want out of life, and those who are left exhausted from trying hard and not reaching their goals.

I love teaming up with someone and watching them find deep self-reliance. Nothing makes me happier than teaching my clients the skills they need to build long-lasting success. I believe that motivation doesn’t have to fizzle out. Dreams don’t have to shrivel up. And life is about far more than how much money we make.

Above all, I believe that behind every success story lies resilience. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about giving people the tools to build resilience and self reliance. Because when they do, nothing can hold them back.

Since my undergrad days I’ve built a successful psychotherapy business. I’ve helped my clients make lasting changes, and I’ve talked to audiences of all sizes about how to demolish the inner blocks that hold them back from where they want to be.

About Steven

Steven J Pinto is a self-reliance coach, psychotherapist, and speaker, who helps people achieve their desires using practical techniques. Steven challenges audiences and clients alike to become more self-reliant – and gives them the tools they need to do so. Steven has spoken at leading universities, corporations, and professional events, along with building a successful psychotherapy business and helping individual clients make deep and lasting changes. Steven has been named one of Long Island’s Top 30 Professionals Under 30, and Caron Treatment Centres awarded him the Educational Excellence Award For An Individual. Steven believes change is always possible, and uses his own experiences and story to show others how to create lasting change in their lives.

Here's what I've learned:

We all have what it takes to succeed. Sometimes we just need to learn a few skills and techniques to make it happen. And sometimes, we all need a little help paying attention to our inner compass which, trust me, knows where we really need to be.

I love asking the right questions. Ready to find answers together?

I’m ready – let’s get started.


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