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I’m an experienced keynote speaker who loves engaging with audiences of all sizes. Whether I’m in a group of three or a conference of three hundred, my presentations all have one thing in common: I show people how to uncover their deep inner potential and live a life of purpose and self-reliance.

My background in psychotherapy and self-reliance coaching means I’m both passionate and practical. I’m passionate about the potential of each and every person in your audience. And I’m practical when it comes to offering them techniques and exercises that will make a difference long after they go home.

Emotional health and self-reliance are vital for long-term success, motivation and happiness. When you book me to speak, I’ll show your audience how to become more self reliant, boost their motivation, and reach the goals that really matter to them.

I present on a wide range of topics including:









Every presentation is tailored to your event or audience.

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Praise For Steven

Steve is a dynamic speaker who captivates the audience as soon he steps in front of them.

He is engaging, insightful and so enthusiastic that the audience can’t help being the same. His clinical expertise is evident in all of his presentations and his use of case studies and stories bring his trainings to life. He is the ultimate professional, easy to work with and is great at adapting his presentations to whatever audience he is speaking.

Jo Venturelli, MA, CASAC-II, CAI-1, Regional Director Of Business & Professional Development, Seafield Center

Steve Pinto Creating Consistency

Struggling With Follow Through?

Having trouble reaching your goals? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. I’ve helped hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs overcome the challenges associated with not being consistent…and now I can help you, too! Sign up for the free Creating Consistency video course.